As a general dentist, Dr. Talton performs a wide variety procedures to ensure your dental health.  Dr. Talton is known for his cosmetic dentistry and offers cosmetic solutions for a bright, healthy smile.

Fillings: Dr. Talton offers a choice of traditional amalgam (silver) as well as tooth colored composites (resin) fillings for a more natural look.

Crowns: If a filling is not enough to protect your damaged tooth, or if your tooth has had a root canal, Dr. Talton may suggest a dental crown. Crowns provide additional protection by covering the entire visible surface of your affected tooth.  These mini porcelain sculpture, add strength, durability and tooth stability.

Veneers: Placed over the front teeth, translucent porcelain veneers are ideal for smiles that have oddly shaped chipped, crooked or discolored teeth.  Ask Dr. Talton if you could benefit from veneers!

Periodontics: Almost a third of all adults eventually show signs of periodontitis, or gum disease.  Left untreated, tooth loss is likely.  Dr. Talton offers a variety of periodontal treatments, including deep cleaning to remove calcified plaque before the gum line and antibiotics in pill form or applied directly to the infected area.

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